To describe Nadyne in one word?  Passion.  Passion for people.  Okay, that's three words.
She lives and breathes for deep and meaningful human connection and relationship, with a longing to walk with people toward wholeness.  That journey looks different for everyone.  She recognizes that and governs her coaching relationships accordingly.  
A life-long learner herself, and a sucker for the next training, or conference, or class, she has a magical way of entering into your life and grabbing your heart with her ability to instantly make friends.   

She combines her 20 years of experience as an educator, inspirational speaker, writer, and actor with her role as wife and mother to encourage others to reach beyond their own understanding of what's possible for their lives and helps them imagine again.  Her practical tips, natural wit, and masterful storytelling style serve to connect people with tangible solutions for leading change within their homes and relationships.  Having administered trainings in schools, corporations, churches, and community groups, Nadyne packs a powerful punch with her no-nonsense, straight-shooting talk, always inviting people to live their biggest and best life.  Where some see closed doors and options exhausted, Nadyne makes a clearing for the impossible.  

Her signature talent of helping people create "systems" that result in organization for relationships, and in life open up doors for her to speak to a variety of groups, teaching them how to develop beautiful spaces of their own, which can result in true transformation and happiness.